Известен факт е, че читателя обръща внимание на съдържанието, което чете, а не на оформлението му. Свойството на Lorem Ipsum е, че до голяма степен им..

I would like to emphasize this
Making text italic italic is kind of easy
u is used for the underline tag
I had been was born in Denmark

It is possible to color the text pink [color=green]green[/color] [color=blue]blue[/color] -
or whatever

This is some text

This is some centered text

This is some text
This is some right aligned text

Quoting no-one in particular
'Tis be a bad day

Quoting someone in particular
BjarneThis be the day of days!

Linking with no link title
Linking to a named site
This be bbcode.org!

Including an image

Resizing the image
Making the image clickable (in this case linking to the original image)

Resizing and adding meta information for the image
[img width="100" height="50" alt="Lubeck city gate" title="This is one of the medieval city gates of Lubeck"]https://www.bbcode.org/images/lubeck_small.jpg[/img]

Including a youtube video

GBtYiLFH85A is the id of the video, you can see it from the url on youtube


03 Oct 2017